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Title of the article

                                THE FORMATION OF LIFE-AFFIRMING IDEALS AS A PREVENTIVE MEASURE                                                      AGAINST STUDENTS’ SELF-DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR                      


Lapshin Vitaly Evgenyevich, Candidate of juridical sciences, associate professor, head of the faculty of full-time tuition, Vladimir Institution of Law, Federal Penalty execution service of Russia, 

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The article deals with the system of prophylactic measures  to prevent selfdestructive behavior of young people who are getting education. Using the principles of preventive pedagogies, the author contends that for this end it is necessary to make young people create social immunity, reactive resistance to negative impact of outside environment, and the culture of personal dignity. 

Key words

self-destructive behavior, culture of personal dignity, social anthropology, preventive pedagogies, criteria of healthy lifestyle.

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